Jun 22, 2009

Number 5!
Reamer Welker Argo V
is coming to your world in Oct 2009!! Yay!!!

Jun 12, 2009

ANGRY at the army!!!!

I am a pretty patient army wife. I understand that mission come first and that my husbands job takes up almost all of his time. But today, I'm pissed!!! Reamer changed jobs and is now an XO. Unfortunately this change happened the day my parents came to visit. Since they got here, he has been working until 10 or 11 at night every day! He hasn't even seen my parents at all. The only real day that he has to spend with them is today! We were supposed to go to Lake Garda and right as we were about to leave, he got called into work. Apparently, if there is any alcohol incident at all, they have a policy that they will call everyone into work. I do not understand this at all. This is ridiculous! This is not fair to the people that are doing the right thing. Why punish the entire group for the actions of a few idiots! Why can't they just make the punishment for the offender extremely harsh? It is insane to punish so many people for one person's mistakes! At this post, our husbands are taken away so much more than other places and they work so much longer hours! Why take them away even more? I am very angry. It really seems unfair that this policy is even in effect! How can they do this? I am seriously starting to get frustrated with being stationed here!