Sep 27, 2009

Daddy loves him already!

Reamer and I went to a party for our friends birthday and had a great time. My friend caught Reamer saying hello to baby Reamer with her camera and I thought it was too cute! I don't even remember this, so it makes me smile to see it.
Lately my husband Reamer has been very interested in what our baby is doing. (Partly because he is constantlly moving!) He likes to see what he is doing and is usually feeling my belly to say hello. Here is the candid picture taken at the party with Reamer's hand on my big belly!!! Just thought I would share a belly picture and share with you what we have been doing lately!

Sep 24, 2009

Waiting on my son's arrival

I can't believe that he is almost here. I'm so excited. I have everything ready except a few last minute things. I need to wash his baby linens and newborn clothes in baby friendly detergent and I need to pack a bag for the birthing center! That is all that I have left on the agenda! Of course, I feel like I need to keep cleaning daily just in case he decides to arrive a little early! I don't want him to come home to a dirty house!!!

I feel like it is utterly impossible for me to get any larger! I feel like I weigh a ton! Partly this is due to my swelling (who knew how big my fingers and feet could swell to!)I'm looking forward to being able to see my feet (and actually fit into closed toe shoes again let alone regular clothing). Although I wonder if it will be weird that I don't have a baby in my belly anymore. Being pregnant has become such a part of me.

I feel like I'm ready to have him now. I can't wait to finally see his face and kiss those little fingers and toes that have been poking and tickling my belly, ribs, hips etc. I'm pretty sure that he is still facing the front because his movements are so noticable. Reamer has been in awe watching and feeling him move around. He can't believe how big he is and how much he moves. Reamer thinks that he is just going to "walk right out" because he is so active! I hope that he decides to come a little early because the anticipation is killing me!

I am not too nervous about the birthing part because I think I'm in denial. It is only a few days of my life, so I know I can handle it. I have given myself a ton of education about it and now I'm just pretending that it won't really happen. I keep telling myself that the stork will find me and bring me my son! hahahaha! J/K. No seriously, I'm ready! I just want to hold him in my arms.

I keep praying that he will be healthy and that everything will go smoothly. Oh, people keep asking me what we need for the baby and the only thing that I can think is books. I would love to have some baby books for Reamer to read to the baby before he leaves. This way we can video tape him reading and while he is gone I can play it for Baby Reamer. There are not many books for sale at the PX, and in the local stores they are all in Italian. If you guys have any baby books that you want to get rid of, please send them my way!

Sep 16, 2009

1st Lt. David T. Wright II

I am so heartbroken to write this blog. Reamer and I have lost a very dear friend of ours. 1st Lt. David Wright has bravely given his life for his country. Here are some News reports from his hometown newspapers about him. news article 1 news article 2

David and Reamer met in basic training and went through most of their army training together. David was an exemplary soldier and an amazing friend. He was also an outstaning leader.

David lived next door to Reamer and I with his roomate Mark Hamilton(and Christine Hamilton). We were always doing something with them. Even if it was just hanging around watching television. If I couldn't find Reamer, I knew where to look. He was usually next door hanging out with David and Mark. David was such a fun guy to be around. Even though on the outside he had that tough army-man shell, deep down he was a big softie. I really enjoyed getting to know the true David and seeing his softer side. He was such a passionate person and it showed in everything he did. He was such a great friend to Reamer and I know that there will be a hole in Reamer's heart now that his friend is no longer with us. I know that I will never forget the times I had with David. He will always hold a very special place with both Reamer and myself.

I feel very blessed to have met such an amazing person. I only wish that I would have had more time with him. If you would like to leave your condolences for David's family or just thank them for raising such a wonderful son, please write your comments here.

Sep 14, 2009


I went to the doctor again today for a regular prenatal visit. For the last few months, it has been amazing watching my little baby roll around in my tummy. I have been trying to figure out which way he is turned and what body parts I'm actually seeing. It's been fun playing "What's that body part". Today, my Doctor checked me and him out and told me how the baby is positioned. I have been thinking that I am seeing either his head or his butt poke up in different parts of my belly because it looks like a big round head-like shape. Today I found out that I am actually seeing his knees!!!! His head is down and his back is facing my back. He still has plenty of time to turn around, so it's nothing to worry about, but it definately explains all of the weird things that continually pop out of my belly!!!!

My Doctor got out the ultrasound machine and showed him to me again. It was so great to actually see him again. I saw his heartbeat and his little boy part!! So today I have been staring at my belly. Now that I know how he is positioned, watching his movement is so amazing!!!

Now I understand why I sometimes get a pain in my ribs! His little feet must be pushing up against me!! And I can tell when I feel little fingers tickling my lower belly.

I only have about 4 weeks left until my due date! I can't believe that in a month Reamer and I will have a son. It's so exciting! I can't wait to meet him. I already feel so much love for him I can't stand it!

When I think about how much God has blessed us, it is unbelievable. I feel so lucky and blessed right now.

Today's appointment was wonderful for me because I now am starting to feel like it is almost time to meet my son. It would have been much better if Reamer was there to experience it with me, but I will tell him all about it and show him what we are seeing once he gets home in a few days. I'm sure he will be happy to know what he is watching when we stare at my belly!!!

Sep 12, 2009

TOGA, TOGA, TOGA!!! Reamer's Baby Shower!

My amazing friends Tonya and Kristin threw me a TOGA themed baby shower! It was so much fun!!! Everyone came in TOGA's and we had a blast!! Everything was so amazing and Reamer and I really racked up on the gifts! I was so happy that most of my friends came and celebrated with me! It was such a great night! Thanks to everyone that helped with the shower and to everyone that came and brought fun gifts for baby Reamer and I!! You girls are awesome!!

Here are some pics below of all of us at the TOGA Shower!!

Sep 4, 2009

While the boys are away.......

.....the girls will play. When all of our husbands are gone, it is amazing how often all of the ladies get together. We are all going through the same things and can help eachother throught the lonely times. It has really helped me to have such wonderful ladies to make the time pass by quickly and to have some fun!!!!

For my birthday, I had 2 celebrations! On my actual birthday Janet (the birthday fairy) brought me flowers and chocolates! She even made me birthday cupcakes! Then Tonya, Kristin, Janet and I went to a concert ontop of Mt. Berico! It was so much fun! (it did rain for a little bit, but it only delayed the concert)

The next day we all went to an agriturismo to celebrate my birthday! An Agriturismo only serves food where 70% has been made on the property. It was so delicious! What an amazing experience! I had a great birthday thanks to such fun friends!!!

I have had a great time with the girls spending time on the beach, shopping, going to Ikea, eating at eachother's houses, BBQ's etc..... We even went to a medevil festival.

I am excited for Friday for my Baby Shower!!! I will post pics after the shower!!
But for now, here are some pics of my adventures with the ladies!

I can't wait until Reamer comes home though. I miss him so much! It won't be long now! After he gets home, only a few more weeks and we will have our son!!!!