Jan 26, 2010

Change is good

Dear Daddy,

I have been busy growing lately. I have had several changes over the last few days. And they are all for the better! Mommy decided that I needed to get on a better sleeping schedule. After talking to several other mommy's she decided that it would be best to start putting me in my own crib. At first, mommy didn't think I would like it or that I was ready, but boy was she wrong. I was ready. I was more ready than mommy was! I am now sleeping in my own bed and I am on a pretty good nap schedule too! I have been extremely less fussy lately too. Mommy thinks it might be because I am sleeping better. I have also had 5 awake car rides in a row without crying!!!!!!!! It is amazing! I have also learned so much and have been playing all the time. I can hold things in my hands now and can pick things up. I love pushing the buttons on my noise maker toy and seeing that I can make cool noises. Occasionally I will shake my rattle but most things just go directly into my mouth.I love tasting all of my toys... They are all so yummy!!! I love swinging and playing in my jumparoo! I just love to play.

Mommy said that I am so much fun now. We just play play play play the day away!

Aunt Janet is so sweet to me too, she took care of me while mommy was in her 'boot camp' workout class. I got to play in Janet's office and snuggle with her while mommy was working out around the corner. What a good friend she is. I love her so much!

Champy has been very interested in me lately and LOVES to give me kisses, especially when mommy isn't looking. He has also tried to steal a few of my toys, but mommy gets mad at him for that. So mommy has to play with him (with his own toys) and with me during playtime so he won't try to take my toys.
I just wish that you were here to play with me. I can't wait until you are back at home so that we can play together. Mommy said that when you come home I will be ready to play with big boy toys so we will have so much fun together. I love you so much!


Reamer V

Jan 19, 2010

Big Boy Stroller

Dear Daddy,

I am very sensitive when I have to go in my carseat (and get very very upset) especially when I am in the car. But lately sometimes I have been getting fussy in the stroller. Mommy doesn't know what to do with me. As long as I am really moving on the cobblestone while in the stroller I am fine, but if I stop moving for even a second, I start to scream and cry. Of course in the car I am REALLY unhappy and I scream the entire time.

Mommy has been trying to do everything she can think of to fix the problem and make me happy but so far can't figure out why it bothers me so much.

Mommy thought that it may be my actual carrier that fits into the stroller and the car. She thought that maybe I don't like being in there, so she decided to bundle me up and put me in the big boy part of the stroller to see if I like that better. At first I didn't really like it at all, but after we started moving I thought it was better. I think I kind of liked being able to see things but as long as mommy doesn't stop moving!

If she does stop moving, this will happen:

It was such a pretty day so mommy thought I might like to see the beautiful outdoors! After she started walking, I guess it was ok. I still was kind of pouting, but I stopped crying at least.

I know that Champy enjoyed our walk. He always is up for a walk. (mommy changed his leash to the Halti that goes around his snout to stop him from pulling.) And it works!!!!! yay!

Mommy told me she loves both her boys. But she still doesn't know what to do about my stroller/carseat hatred! Any advice from other mommys that have dealt with this would be very helpful!I want stroller time and carseat time to be a fun part of my day. I know that Champ would really appreciate it too! Sure do wish you were here to go on walks with us!

We love you and miss you very much!
Reamer V

Cameron Came to Play with me!

Dear Daddy,
I had some friends come to vist me this past weekend. Cameron (his parents came along too to bring him here) came from Germany to play with me. We had so much fun!
We played the whole time! I only wish he lived closer. We went out to dinner and to some wineries! Of course, I didn't get to drink any wine, but we still got to play with eachother and I think our parents had so much fun.

Cameron is the coolest big kid ever! He knows how to do everything! He can play with all of my toys and knows how to make them work. He was very sweet to me and I want to be just like him.

We had such a wonderful time playing with our friends and hopefully they will come back again soon. We may even go to Germany to visit them. But mommy says it depends on if I start behaving in the car. I can't wait to see them again. We only wish you were here to play with us too. (I'm sure Cameron's Daddy- Chad- wishes you were here too!) I love you and miss you so very much.


Reamer V

Jan 11, 2010

I listened to you Daddy...

Dear Daddy,

Mommy told me that you wanted me to do more blogging and picture posting, so I decided to write my blog today. We have not been doing anything too interesting, but we have been doing a lot of playing. I have been basically sitting up. Mommy puts the boppy around my legs and I kind of sit up. I love it. Today at the Parent Support Room on Post (where I eat when I am on post...) the lady that works there saw me sitting up by myself with no help from mommy (she just puts her hands up so I don't fall because it's still new to me- and I don't stay up for very long by myself yet) she could not believe that I was doing that on my own and I'm only 3 months. She was shocked.

I have been enjoying my toys much much more lately. I hold them, shake them and of course chew on them. I love putting them in my mouth. My favorite toy is called "woof woof". It is this little blanket with the head of a doggy that rattles. I love it so much. I chew on it and hug it all the time. It is so yummy.
We have also been going to the gym and working out. I will sleep for part of the time but usually wake up and mommy will just bike with me on her lap, hip and in her arms. She uses me as a weight some time and raises me above her head while riding on the bike. I like it so much. I just smile and laugh when she does it. But usually after about 15 minutes I get tired so we go home. But mommy is proud of me for doing well in the gym with her.

We miss you so very much. Because you asked, I will try to be better at posting blogs, but it is kind of difficult because sometimes we don't do anything very interesting. I love you Daddy and mommy told me to tell you that she loves you very much too.

Reamer V

Jan 9, 2010

Play Play Play

Dear Daddy,
We miss you very much but I have been having a lot of fun lately. I have been playing the days away with mommy. She takes me everywhere she goes. We went on a hike with mommy's friends in the mountains near Vicenza and she just strapped me in the baby bjorn and off we went! It was nice to see some beautiful sights, even though the trails were pretty muddy from all of the rain we have been getting. We also have been going to the gym (when I let mommy). I try to sleep while she works out, but sometimes it's too hard and I just want to wake up and play! So mommy takes me out of my carrier and tries to include me in her workout. She went to Zumba (Latin Dance workout class) and when I woke up mommy and Janet just danced with me for the rest of the class. At first I thought everyone was crazy the way they were moving all around but then I started laughing and smiling at everyone! She even put me on her lap while she rode the bike. It was fun to see all of the people working out and mommy just talked to me while she biked. I think we will have to do that more often!
I have been really mouthy lately! I love putting things in my mouth. Anytime mommy puts her hands near me, I grab them and put her fingers in my mouth. I love chewing on them.
I have also been really interested in my toys lately. I love my jumparoo that papa sent me! It is so much fun!!!!!!!! I am starting to bounce a little and I really love the lights and toys on the front of it! We watched the Alabama Game at 3 in the morning the other day and of course you know we won the National Championship! I was so happy!! and Nanny Nanny boo boo to those Longhorns! hehehe! I said Roll Tide all day long.
We hope you are doing well. We love you and miss you very much.