Jan 26, 2010

Change is good

Dear Daddy,

I have been busy growing lately. I have had several changes over the last few days. And they are all for the better! Mommy decided that I needed to get on a better sleeping schedule. After talking to several other mommy's she decided that it would be best to start putting me in my own crib. At first, mommy didn't think I would like it or that I was ready, but boy was she wrong. I was ready. I was more ready than mommy was! I am now sleeping in my own bed and I am on a pretty good nap schedule too! I have been extremely less fussy lately too. Mommy thinks it might be because I am sleeping better. I have also had 5 awake car rides in a row without crying!!!!!!!! It is amazing! I have also learned so much and have been playing all the time. I can hold things in my hands now and can pick things up. I love pushing the buttons on my noise maker toy and seeing that I can make cool noises. Occasionally I will shake my rattle but most things just go directly into my mouth.I love tasting all of my toys... They are all so yummy!!! I love swinging and playing in my jumparoo! I just love to play.

Mommy said that I am so much fun now. We just play play play play the day away!

Aunt Janet is so sweet to me too, she took care of me while mommy was in her 'boot camp' workout class. I got to play in Janet's office and snuggle with her while mommy was working out around the corner. What a good friend she is. I love her so much!

Champy has been very interested in me lately and LOVES to give me kisses, especially when mommy isn't looking. He has also tried to steal a few of my toys, but mommy gets mad at him for that. So mommy has to play with him (with his own toys) and with me during playtime so he won't try to take my toys.
I just wish that you were here to play with me. I can't wait until you are back at home so that we can play together. Mommy said that when you come home I will be ready to play with big boy toys so we will have so much fun together. I love you so much!


Reamer V