Jan 11, 2010

I listened to you Daddy...

Dear Daddy,

Mommy told me that you wanted me to do more blogging and picture posting, so I decided to write my blog today. We have not been doing anything too interesting, but we have been doing a lot of playing. I have been basically sitting up. Mommy puts the boppy around my legs and I kind of sit up. I love it. Today at the Parent Support Room on Post (where I eat when I am on post...) the lady that works there saw me sitting up by myself with no help from mommy (she just puts her hands up so I don't fall because it's still new to me- and I don't stay up for very long by myself yet) she could not believe that I was doing that on my own and I'm only 3 months. She was shocked.

I have been enjoying my toys much much more lately. I hold them, shake them and of course chew on them. I love putting them in my mouth. My favorite toy is called "woof woof". It is this little blanket with the head of a doggy that rattles. I love it so much. I chew on it and hug it all the time. It is so yummy.
We have also been going to the gym and working out. I will sleep for part of the time but usually wake up and mommy will just bike with me on her lap, hip and in her arms. She uses me as a weight some time and raises me above her head while riding on the bike. I like it so much. I just smile and laugh when she does it. But usually after about 15 minutes I get tired so we go home. But mommy is proud of me for doing well in the gym with her.

We miss you so very much. Because you asked, I will try to be better at posting blogs, but it is kind of difficult because sometimes we don't do anything very interesting. I love you Daddy and mommy told me to tell you that she loves you very much too.

Reamer V

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