Feb 11, 2010

My Playmate

Dear Daddy,

Today during playtime Champ wanted to be beside me. Normally mommy has to play with us seperately, but today Champ decided that he would play with me. Mommy decided that it would be ok because I am getting bigger now. Champy was squeaking his toy and I was very interested in it. I love looking at my doggy. He is so furry and cool! He loves to lick me, but mommy always makes him stop.

I also played with a big boy toy today. Mommy puts it out for me to look at because I usually like looking at it. I was in my little chair and it was beside me so I grabbed it and started pushing it back and forth. Mommy couldn't believe that I knew what to do with it. I must be "all boy" because I already want to play with cars! (mommy wishes that I would enjoy the real car) hehehe!
I love my playtime! I have so much fun! Luckily I have a fun doggy to play with too! I won't be long before we can really run around and play together! Champ will be so happy to have me to play with! I can't wait until you are home and we can all play together! We love you and miss you!


Reamer V

Feb 7, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Dear Daddy,
The weather has been so beautiful. We have been enjoying the outdoors so much. We have been doing a lot of walking and visiting tons of parks. Champ has been happy about it too! The sun has been shining and I have been enjoying my stroller! Mommy is proud of me for doing so well!
Mommy and Champy love giving me kisses! Mommy usually stops Champ from kissing me, but sometimes he sneaks it! Mommy catches him and tells him to stop! She let him kiss me for the picture, but usually she shoo's him away. Champy loves me and he can't wait until I can play with him. He wants me to play now but I am not quite ready, but I don't think it will be long!
I love smiling at mommy. She is my favorite!! I think it's funny to stick my tounge out at her. She smiles and laughs when I do it, so I laugh too! It's funny to stick my tounge out. Mommy thinks I do it becaused I'm teething, but when she laughs at me it eggs me on to keep sticking it out at her. We giggle about it together!

Hahaha!!!!!!!!! I am sticking my tounge out at you mommy!

We love you so much Daddy! We can't wait to go on walks with you too! I know we will all have fun together soon!
Reamer V

Feb 3, 2010

I love playing

Dear Daddy,

I have been very busy. Bouncing, Playing with friends, going to the gym with mommy, playing with my toys, going on walks and getting kisses from mommy!!!!
I got a new outfit that Aunt Erin made me. I look so cute in it. It is Alabama houndstooth and Crimson with Big Al The Elephant on it! Mommy did a photo shoot of me in it! She thinks I'm a model!
Mommy let me have my friends over to play! They are so cool and so much fun. (I think mommy likes talking to their mommy's too!) We played with my toys and looked at eachother. It was so much fun. Navy is the oldest and is soooo cool! I want to be just like him and do cool stuff too! Charlie is the youngest and loves to watch us. He can't wait to be big like me and Navy! I can't wait until they come back to play again!
I love bouncing in my bouncer. I can bounce so high. I also love playing with the toys on the bouncer. I can do so much now, mommy is amazed with me everyday! I just love to play and my favorite toy is my bouncer! I could stay in there all day!