Feb 3, 2010

I love playing

Dear Daddy,

I have been very busy. Bouncing, Playing with friends, going to the gym with mommy, playing with my toys, going on walks and getting kisses from mommy!!!!
I got a new outfit that Aunt Erin made me. I look so cute in it. It is Alabama houndstooth and Crimson with Big Al The Elephant on it! Mommy did a photo shoot of me in it! She thinks I'm a model!
Mommy let me have my friends over to play! They are so cool and so much fun. (I think mommy likes talking to their mommy's too!) We played with my toys and looked at eachother. It was so much fun. Navy is the oldest and is soooo cool! I want to be just like him and do cool stuff too! Charlie is the youngest and loves to watch us. He can't wait to be big like me and Navy! I can't wait until they come back to play again!
I love bouncing in my bouncer. I can bounce so high. I also love playing with the toys on the bouncer. I can do so much now, mommy is amazed with me everyday! I just love to play and my favorite toy is my bouncer! I could stay in there all day!

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whippetmom said...

Aww :) He is getting so big! I love his Bama outfit!!!