Dec 29, 2009

My First Holiday Season

Dear Daddy,
Sorry I haven't written in a while but mommy has kept me very busy! We have been playing with mommy's friends and celebrating the Holidays! Luckily I have been able to show mommy how happy I am by giving her very big smiles, giggles and coos. It is the highlight of mommy's day when she sees me smile. I have also been very interested in my hands and I have had fun trying to eat them!
We had friends over for Christmas Eve dinner, Italian Church and to spend the night. We had a really fun time! Then we went to Anne's for a yummy Christmas dinner the next day. It was a very nice Christmas. We missed you so much though and wish that we were able to celebrate with you and give you a birthday party. We will have a big celebration next year!
We also had a baby shower for my friend Charlie Philip and we were able to meet him on the last day of 2009! He is going to be fun for me to play with! On New Years Eve mommy's friends came over and we had sushi and went out to downtown to the big celebration. Mommy strapped me onto her front with the baby bjorn and we danced the night away in the main piazza to the live bands. Mommy's friends used my stroller to put all of their wine in so we had a wine mobile. I was happy to let them use my ride!! We had such a fun time watching the fireworks and partying the night away!!! I am definately a fun baby who loves to have a good time with mommy! Next year I will have to be strapped on to you, because I will be such a big boy. We love you so much! Mommy and I had fun during the Holidays, but it definately would have been better if you would have been here with us! I love you.

Reamer V

Dec 19, 2009

My First Trophey!

Dear Daddy,
Guess what? I won my very own trophey!!!!
This morning, I did a Santa Run with mommy and her friends. It was so funny because everyone that was in it dressed up as Babbo Natale (Santa). It was all through downtown and everyone said "Buon Natale" (Merry Christmas) to all of the people in the streets. It was so beautiful because we woke up to several inches of snow! Champ was so funny this morning and acted like a little kid about the snow. He woke mommy and me up so that we could go and play. So mommy bundled herself and me up and took Champ to the Dog Park and let him go nuts.
When we got back mommy and I met her friends for the Santa Race and had a blast! At the finish line, the lady asked for my name and age! She was so impressed that I was only 2 months old and in my first Run! So at the award ceremomy, they called my name and I got a huge trophey. All of the Italians clapped and said "yay Reamer"!! So now I have my very own trophey! Who else can say they won a trophy on their 2 month old birthday?
We wish you would have been here to play in the snow with us! We love you and miss you!
Reamer V

Dec 17, 2009

Babbo Natale, Snow and Smiles!

Dear Daddy, Here I am at the Market with Babbo Natale. I told him that I was a very good boy for the last 2 months. He said that I am definately on his "nice" list!

Also, today was my first encounter with snow. You can see that mommy made me wear a snow suit to the market and to walk champ and I didn't like it one bit. Partly because it is way too big for me but mommy said she didn't care and that I needed to be warm.

The snow didn't last long, but the dusting on the rooftops, trees and cars was beautiful. I'm glad that I got to enjoy my first snow day.

I have been smiling a lot more lately and mommy still is following me around with that flashy thing, so I decided to give her a few grins to show you. She still wants to get some better pictures of me so get ready to see more.

Grandma and Papa have been begging for more videos of me since they live so far away, so mommy set up a youtube so that everyone that wants to can see my progress!! Hopefully your internet won't be too slow for you to watch. But don't worry, mommy will send you the SD card once it is full. Here is the link:

Mommy, Champy and I love you so much and we miss you very much. We love seeing you on Skype it is the highlight of our day!


Reamer V

Dec 15, 2009

Smiling, Playing and Rolling Over! Yay!

Dear Daddy,
Mommy always follows me around with this black, flashy, thing snapping videos and pictures. She says that she wants to make sure that you don't miss a thing while you are away. So she follows my every move.

I'm not really doing anything too exciting, because I'm only 2 months old. So I decided to do something special for you to see. I was playing on my jungle mat and doing tummy time when I decided that I wanted to see the animals that hang down. So I just rolled over! Mommy was so shocked. She had no idea that I was going to do it. She was just wanting to show you how strong I am and that I am holding myself up really well and I wanted to show off for you.

You can tell in the video that she is really shocked that I did it!

I hope you enjoy my acrobatics! I'm also going to attach a few photos for you to look at too. Mommy has a ton, but we are just going to post a few. We love you sooooo much.

Reamer V

Dec 12, 2009

I Love Bathtime

Dear Daddy,

I love taking baths! (just like mommy) It relaxes me so much! I could stay in there for hours if mommy would let me. Mommy and I even take baths together! It relaxes both of us. Sometimes before our bath I get a massage! And after, I get to rock and mommy reads a book to me! We are working on getting a routine for bedtime. Mommy has had a weird schedule and hasn't really had a routine in place yet. But we are working on that now! So far I haven't been too good at getting myself to fall asleep on my own. Mommy usually has to hold me and then put me in my bassinet. If any of my blog readers have any good ideas other than to just let me cry it out, please let my mommy know!
Mommy has been busy running errands and hanging out with her friends! (and I have been with my friends too!)-- Shoutout to Navy, Phil and Danielle! We loved hearing from you and can't wait to hear from you again. We miss you so very much! Hope you enjoy my pictures! We Love you and pray for you everyday!

Reamer V

Dec 7, 2009

New Sights

Dear Daddy,
Today was a fun day for me. It was rainy outside so mommy and I stayed in most of the day. But it was so much fun because we played all day. I am really starting to notice my surroundings now. I even noticed Champ today. I was very interested in him. I played on my jungle gym mat, in my bouncer and in my swing. I smiled alot today while we were playing so mommy knows that I was having a good time. I am also trying to talk. I am trying to say that I love you and miss you, but the words aren't quite coming out yet.

Mommy and I sang songs and watched you read a story about Spot going to a party on the computer. I was very interested in the story and stayed quiet during the whole thing! This morning Mommy gave me a massage and I loved it. I am so still and quiet for my massages. It feels so good. I think that I really like to be naked! I got a little fussy this afternoon but mostly it was because I was so sleepy. I was having so much fun today that I really didn't want to sleep. But luckily mommy knows that turing on the water in the bathroom tub makes me relax and fall asleep. So I took a nap in my boppy listening to the water run.

Mommy was so happy because she got some of our pictures back from our photography session today. There are some very good shots of us as a family. Mommy is going to print them out and mail them to you! I will attach a few to this post so that you will get an idea. I love you so much daddy. Mommy and Champy do too. Hope you had a good day! We love you.

Dec 6, 2009

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Mommy has decided to change the format of her blog. Since you won't be here this year with us, mommy wanted to make sure that you know everything that we will be doing while you are away. Of course anyone is welcome to keep up with us and to read what we are up to but primarily this is for my daddy.

First of all, mommy and I love you sooooo much and we are so proud of you. We both want you to feel as though you haven't missed a thing so we will try to update as much as possible. Bear with us if our posts aren't very interesting but we want to make sure that you know even the little things that go on in my daily adventures.

Today was a good day for us! I was in a very good mood today. We started our day with a massage and that was a great beginning to our day! I played on my jungle gym mat and had a very long tummy time today! We also played in the bouncer that papa sent me. I love it so much! Mommy puts a pillow under my feet so that I can bounce! (it is meant for a 3 month old and above, but I can do it! I am so strong, just like you!!!!) We took Champ on a long walk and went to the doggy park with him. When we got home we played some more took a nap and relaxed. I was in such a good mood today and didn't get fussy once!

Mommy told me to tell you that she loves you and misses you very much, but she is being strong for me. We are having a good time together but we do wish you were here with us.

We hope that this new style of blogging doesn't bore our other readers, but we want to make sure that you are kept up to date with me and mommy. And anyone else who is interested is welcome to read. We will be sending personal messages to you but this is a way for me to journal about my day and my development!

We love you daddy!


Baby Reamer V