Dec 6, 2009

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Mommy has decided to change the format of her blog. Since you won't be here this year with us, mommy wanted to make sure that you know everything that we will be doing while you are away. Of course anyone is welcome to keep up with us and to read what we are up to but primarily this is for my daddy.

First of all, mommy and I love you sooooo much and we are so proud of you. We both want you to feel as though you haven't missed a thing so we will try to update as much as possible. Bear with us if our posts aren't very interesting but we want to make sure that you know even the little things that go on in my daily adventures.

Today was a good day for us! I was in a very good mood today. We started our day with a massage and that was a great beginning to our day! I played on my jungle gym mat and had a very long tummy time today! We also played in the bouncer that papa sent me. I love it so much! Mommy puts a pillow under my feet so that I can bounce! (it is meant for a 3 month old and above, but I can do it! I am so strong, just like you!!!!) We took Champ on a long walk and went to the doggy park with him. When we got home we played some more took a nap and relaxed. I was in such a good mood today and didn't get fussy once!

Mommy told me to tell you that she loves you and misses you very much, but she is being strong for me. We are having a good time together but we do wish you were here with us.

We hope that this new style of blogging doesn't bore our other readers, but we want to make sure that you are kept up to date with me and mommy. And anyone else who is interested is welcome to read. We will be sending personal messages to you but this is a way for me to journal about my day and my development!

We love you daddy!


Baby Reamer V


Mom said...

I love and miss ya'll. Such a sweet picture!!!!

Erin D. said...

Such a smart baby! Literate at 2 months ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it Meghan!!! I am going to enjoy reading this every morning. What a wonderful idea!!! I'm sure Reamer is going to love it too!!!!
The pix from your shoot are so sweet! You make such a beautiful family!! Love you so much! Beth