Dec 7, 2009

New Sights

Dear Daddy,
Today was a fun day for me. It was rainy outside so mommy and I stayed in most of the day. But it was so much fun because we played all day. I am really starting to notice my surroundings now. I even noticed Champ today. I was very interested in him. I played on my jungle gym mat, in my bouncer and in my swing. I smiled alot today while we were playing so mommy knows that I was having a good time. I am also trying to talk. I am trying to say that I love you and miss you, but the words aren't quite coming out yet.

Mommy and I sang songs and watched you read a story about Spot going to a party on the computer. I was very interested in the story and stayed quiet during the whole thing! This morning Mommy gave me a massage and I loved it. I am so still and quiet for my massages. It feels so good. I think that I really like to be naked! I got a little fussy this afternoon but mostly it was because I was so sleepy. I was having so much fun today that I really didn't want to sleep. But luckily mommy knows that turing on the water in the bathroom tub makes me relax and fall asleep. So I took a nap in my boppy listening to the water run.

Mommy was so happy because she got some of our pictures back from our photography session today. There are some very good shots of us as a family. Mommy is going to print them out and mail them to you! I will attach a few to this post so that you will get an idea. I love you so much daddy. Mommy and Champy do too. Hope you had a good day! We love you.

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