Dec 12, 2009

I Love Bathtime

Dear Daddy,

I love taking baths! (just like mommy) It relaxes me so much! I could stay in there for hours if mommy would let me. Mommy and I even take baths together! It relaxes both of us. Sometimes before our bath I get a massage! And after, I get to rock and mommy reads a book to me! We are working on getting a routine for bedtime. Mommy has had a weird schedule and hasn't really had a routine in place yet. But we are working on that now! So far I haven't been too good at getting myself to fall asleep on my own. Mommy usually has to hold me and then put me in my bassinet. If any of my blog readers have any good ideas other than to just let me cry it out, please let my mommy know!
Mommy has been busy running errands and hanging out with her friends! (and I have been with my friends too!)-- Shoutout to Navy, Phil and Danielle! We loved hearing from you and can't wait to hear from you again. We miss you so very much! Hope you enjoy my pictures! We Love you and pray for you everyday!

Reamer V


Uma and Wil said...

Reamer, I found when Chase was around your age that there was not much else I could do to get her to sleep on her own either. We didn't really try sleep training until she was about 4-5 months old and didn't really strictly enforced it until she was about 7. She spent months sleeping on my chest or her Papa's. During those fussy nights, the combination of the ergo and bouncing on an exercise ball worked wonders! I'm so glad to hear that you have been a good little boy for your mommy. You are an absolute doll!

Anonymous said...

Hi Reamer V,
I'm glad you like the Jumperoo and the playmat. I'm trying to find more toys that you would also enjoy! Love, PaPa

Kalee said...

You will learn when you are tired Reamer! Raleigh Roo sucks on her fingers when she is getting sleepy, but needed to be rocked to sleep until she was about 5 months old. At 6 months we had to teach her to self soothe because she'd wake up at night just to be held. She now sleeps 12 hours every night, if she wakes she puts herself back to sleep by sucking her fingers and talking to herself! Just stick to a bedtime routine. Raleigh knows when she is being carried in to her room it's time for bed and will actually close her eyes before she is even put down.