Dec 17, 2009

Babbo Natale, Snow and Smiles!

Dear Daddy, Here I am at the Market with Babbo Natale. I told him that I was a very good boy for the last 2 months. He said that I am definately on his "nice" list!

Also, today was my first encounter with snow. You can see that mommy made me wear a snow suit to the market and to walk champ and I didn't like it one bit. Partly because it is way too big for me but mommy said she didn't care and that I needed to be warm.

The snow didn't last long, but the dusting on the rooftops, trees and cars was beautiful. I'm glad that I got to enjoy my first snow day.

I have been smiling a lot more lately and mommy still is following me around with that flashy thing, so I decided to give her a few grins to show you. She still wants to get some better pictures of me so get ready to see more.

Grandma and Papa have been begging for more videos of me since they live so far away, so mommy set up a youtube so that everyone that wants to can see my progress!! Hopefully your internet won't be too slow for you to watch. But don't worry, mommy will send you the SD card once it is full. Here is the link:

Mommy, Champy and I love you so much and we miss you very much. We love seeing you on Skype it is the highlight of our day!


Reamer V

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