Sep 24, 2009

Waiting on my son's arrival

I can't believe that he is almost here. I'm so excited. I have everything ready except a few last minute things. I need to wash his baby linens and newborn clothes in baby friendly detergent and I need to pack a bag for the birthing center! That is all that I have left on the agenda! Of course, I feel like I need to keep cleaning daily just in case he decides to arrive a little early! I don't want him to come home to a dirty house!!!

I feel like it is utterly impossible for me to get any larger! I feel like I weigh a ton! Partly this is due to my swelling (who knew how big my fingers and feet could swell to!)I'm looking forward to being able to see my feet (and actually fit into closed toe shoes again let alone regular clothing). Although I wonder if it will be weird that I don't have a baby in my belly anymore. Being pregnant has become such a part of me.

I feel like I'm ready to have him now. I can't wait to finally see his face and kiss those little fingers and toes that have been poking and tickling my belly, ribs, hips etc. I'm pretty sure that he is still facing the front because his movements are so noticable. Reamer has been in awe watching and feeling him move around. He can't believe how big he is and how much he moves. Reamer thinks that he is just going to "walk right out" because he is so active! I hope that he decides to come a little early because the anticipation is killing me!

I am not too nervous about the birthing part because I think I'm in denial. It is only a few days of my life, so I know I can handle it. I have given myself a ton of education about it and now I'm just pretending that it won't really happen. I keep telling myself that the stork will find me and bring me my son! hahahaha! J/K. No seriously, I'm ready! I just want to hold him in my arms.

I keep praying that he will be healthy and that everything will go smoothly. Oh, people keep asking me what we need for the baby and the only thing that I can think is books. I would love to have some baby books for Reamer to read to the baby before he leaves. This way we can video tape him reading and while he is gone I can play it for Baby Reamer. There are not many books for sale at the PX, and in the local stores they are all in Italian. If you guys have any baby books that you want to get rid of, please send them my way!


Uma and Wil said...

I'm so excited for you! I, too, was in major denial about the actual birthing process until I was laying there with my feet in stir ups. Ha. You guys will make wonderful parents!

Erin D said...

E-mail me your address. I would love to send you books.