Sep 4, 2009

While the boys are away.......

.....the girls will play. When all of our husbands are gone, it is amazing how often all of the ladies get together. We are all going through the same things and can help eachother throught the lonely times. It has really helped me to have such wonderful ladies to make the time pass by quickly and to have some fun!!!!

For my birthday, I had 2 celebrations! On my actual birthday Janet (the birthday fairy) brought me flowers and chocolates! She even made me birthday cupcakes! Then Tonya, Kristin, Janet and I went to a concert ontop of Mt. Berico! It was so much fun! (it did rain for a little bit, but it only delayed the concert)

The next day we all went to an agriturismo to celebrate my birthday! An Agriturismo only serves food where 70% has been made on the property. It was so delicious! What an amazing experience! I had a great birthday thanks to such fun friends!!!

I have had a great time with the girls spending time on the beach, shopping, going to Ikea, eating at eachother's houses, BBQ's etc..... We even went to a medevil festival.

I am excited for Friday for my Baby Shower!!! I will post pics after the shower!!
But for now, here are some pics of my adventures with the ladies!

I can't wait until Reamer comes home though. I miss him so much! It won't be long now! After he gets home, only a few more weeks and we will have our son!!!!


Kristin Morton said...

you forgot to add the part where we hiked up the mountain from downtown vicenza!!!!! haha

gina said...

What do you still need for the baby?

Jennifer Williams said...

You are so blessed to have made such wonderful friends in Italy!! : ) Now you have friends all over the world! : )Hope you have tons of fun at your baby shower! Wish the USA girls could be there... : ) We'll be there in spirit though! Love you!! Miss you!