Oct 8, 2009

Inducing Labor with WivesTales..........

I'm almost at Reamer's due date! I just can't wait to see him and hold him! I'm not uncomfortable or in pain or anything, but I really do want him to go ahead and come! I feel like a little kid just waiting for Christmas. So I have been trying some wivestales about how to induce the labor process!!!

The Italians have told me that by walking the big hill (Mt. Berico) in our town that it will get things going, so I keep trying it. I will be going again today so maybe this one will work.

I have eaten an entire pineapple and had some spicy Mexican food. I have been on tons of walks. I've even riden our elevator up and down 3 times and done 50 jumping jacks.

This weekend I'm going to make Eggplant Parmesan and I'm going to get Reamer to give me a foot massage. So if anyone has any other safe suggestions I'd be happy to give them a try. (I'm not going to try anything dangerous like castor oil, or any herbal rememdies etc...)

Hopefully one of these will eventually work! Let me know if any of these or any others have worked for you! Thanks for your suggestions!

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whippetmom said...

well, if none of those work...there is...ya know...;) it worked with Gavin...