Oct 13, 2008

Technology is Amazing!

We finally set up Skype on our computer and I have realized how amazing this software is. You can talk to any other Skype user for free online and you have the use of your webcam so that you can see the other person. If you keep the program up at all times, people can call you whenever they want and you answer it just like a phone. You can also put up away messages or sleeping messages if you don't want to be bothered.

After living in Italy for about 2 months, it was great to use Skype to call our friends and family and chat away! Seeing the person on the computer actually gives you a more normal feeling and you don't feel as distant from everyone. I definatley recommend that everyone download this program to the computer especially military families! It makes you feel as though you are closer to you loved ones even if you are on the other side of the world. Check it out at www.skype.com

We are also going to get a program called SlingBox! This is really neat! You can put a peice of equipment on a TV and it will send the signal to our computer in Italy. We are going to ask our family to put the box on their TV for us to use. It will send us all of the channels from their U.S. TV. There is a second piece of equipment that we will attach to our TV that will send the signal from our computer to our TV and it will be broadcast like we are watching TV in the U.S. You can also buy it so that it will play in HD quality so you know that Reamer will definately have to set up the HD component so that he has crystal clear picture.

This technology thing is really exciting for us and will make our life here much more comfortable. It's amazing what we are able to do in this day and age and it's exciting to see how far technology will go to make our life more comfortable in the future. Check it out at www.slingmedia.com

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Anonymous said...

Yes- Technology is amazing- It was great not only talking to you but seeing you as well! Talk to you Thurs. AM around 6:30-6:45(EST)