Dec 26, 2008

Earthquakes in Vicenza!

I have never felt an earthquake before, until now. A few days before Christmas, Reamer and I were just hanging around the house and all of a sudden, my computer starts shaking back and forth. I yelled to Reamer if he knew what was going on and he told me that it was an earthquake. Our entire apartment starting moving back and forth and things were swinging around. I thought that earthquakes would be like vibrations and really shaky, but it was more like a back and forth movement. It was really strange. Apparently we had 3 that day. When we looked outside, people were all walking around like normal and they didn't seem to notice, but being inside was a different story. We really felt it! Hopefully we won't get any more, it was kinda scary!

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Wally Birdseye said...

I was looking on Google to see if the earthquake effected Vincenza because I have a dad in my small group that has his daughter and son in law stationed there.

Do you know Jonathan and Lindsey Benton. They too are Christians.


Wally Birdseye, Arlington, VA