Dec 2, 2008

I've got Skills!

Thanksgiving/Christmas was a hit! I made my first Turkey and dressing! I was rather impressed by my cooking and happy that everything turned out pretty good. We had about 7 people over and enjoyed my fancy feast. I was worried that I couldn't imitate my grandmothers dressing, but amazingly I came pretty close. Since I have never really been a cook, this was a big deal for me. I have realized that I am actually an ok cook and I'm proud of myself for preparing such a big meal all by myself.

To my family's suprise, I even served dinner on my china (even though almost everyone at the table was an army guy---except for Janet...). They probably didn't notice the china or the crystal, but I did. I was really happy to be able to have a fancy dinner that I prepared. When I was younger, I always told my family that I would never serve Thanksgiving on China. I would have it on paper plates, paper napkins, and plastic utensils. But now that I have grown up, I couldn't wait to use my nice things and have a beautiful table.

It was so great to have our friends over to share in our Psyudo Thanksgiving. They were all good sports about it, and even said "Happy Thanksgiving" several times. I guess it wasn't hard for them, c'mon, most everyone that came was a single guy and when someone offers a free huge meal, they don't say no! I am going to have to practice my cooking on them some more! I know Reamer is happy about my new skill. (He ate so much food....)--Which made me feel good. I guess I need some more reciepes! Anyone who has any fun reciepe ideas, send them my way!


Garry, Katie and "Baby Hutch" said...

Hi Meghan,

I'm glad to see you are doing so well! Life in Italy must be wonderful... it's #1 on my next trip to Europe, whenever that may be. I've add you to the blogs I follow, so I'll be able to read with your blog more regular now. Also, I've got receipies galore... let me know if you're ever making something in particular. Cooking can be fun... baking on the other hand, I haven't mastered that skill yet... Best wishes to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Meghan, did you take any pictures? Beth made a great meal on Thanksgiving, we still have turkey in the fridge.