Mar 11, 2009

Tiramisu' Recipe

As promised, here is the Tiramisu' recipe that I learned to make at the Ciao Conference! Buon Appetito!

Espresso Maker (you can substitute very strong coffee)

500gr Mascarpone cheese (approx 1 lb)-- Italians do everything by weight! They only use scales--no measuring cups ect...
2 packages savoiardi (lady fingers)
8 expresso sixed cups of coffee (approx. 14 oz)
4 Tablespoons powdered cocoa
5 eggs
5 tablespoons sugar

Preliminary Steps:
Bring ingredients to room temperature
Make espresso and pour in a shallow flat bottomed bowl and allow to cool to room temperature
Separate Egg yolks and whites

In first mising bowl, beat yolk and sugar unil creamy white. Add mascarpone and mix until blended. Leave this mixture in the bowl. In second mixing bowl, beat egg whites until fluffy. Fold beaten egg whites into mascarpone mixture. Mix only enough to blend. (over mixing will deflate egg whites). Quickly dip a savoiardo in expresso bowl. To get the right amount of espresso on the savoiardi, lay the finger flat in the botttom of the bowl sugared side Up and immediately pull it out. Place each finger flat in the bottom of the pan sugar side DOWN. The savoiardi will quickly absorb the espresso. If you soak the savoiardi in the espresso you will end up with soggy savoiardi instead of moist.

Build a layer of dipped savoiardi across the bottom of the pan. If some of the savoiardi do not look dark from the espresso, spoon on a few more drips of espresso. Any espresso left in the bottom of the pan will be absorbed. Too much espresso will turn fingers into a soggy mess. Spoon on a layer of egg/mascarpone mixture across the layer of fingers. Use about 1/2 of mascarpone mix. The layer should be about 1cm. thick. Dip another layer of savoiardi and lay them on mascarpone mix. Layer them as before, sugar side down. Spoon on second layer of egg/mascarpone mix. Sift cocoa on top of the second layer. Scoop a tablespoon of cocoa into a small sieve. Hold the sieve over the tiramisu and tap sieve on the side with your finger. The cocoa should sprinkle in an even layer. Cover the tiramisu with a very thin layer of cocoa. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving. The Tiramisu will taste quite good for 3-4 days if refrigerated!

Buona fortuna!! (Good Luck!) and of course Buon Appetito!!


Carol said...

I bet it's not as good as the tiramisu in Rocca de Pappa...home of my little blue coat! :)

Elena and Marius said...

We use a more simple recipe, with a great result.

It can be found at: