Mar 26, 2009

Trip to Nove and Bassano Del Grappa

While the boys were in the field this week, I have been spending most of my time hanging out with the ladies. Janet and her friend Elissa and I went to Nove one day and did some amazing ceramic shopping!

Italy is famous for ceramics, and the town of Nove produces some of the highest-quality and most beautiful ceramics. The ceramics are made in this little town about 30 mins from Vicenza. Lenox and Tiffany are some of the name brand cermaics that are acutally made here in Nove. You can see the Italians making the famous pottery in some of the stores. There were many types of ceramics, that were on display and for sale. Some of the pieces were cutsy, some were elegant and some were functional. It was hard choosing the pieces that I wanted to buy because I liked so many of them!

We also went to Bassano Del Grappa and did some sight seeing. We were able to see the famous covered wooden bridge , which was designed by the architect Palladio in 1569. (Palladio is from Vicenza and is famous for his architechture... check out my previous blog entries to find out more about Palladio). Bassano Del Grappa is also famous for Grappa. Grappa is a fragrant grape-based liquer that is between 37.5% and 60% alcohol. Most grappa is made from grape residue (mainly the skins, but also stems and seeds) left over from making wine.

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whippetmom said...

I love the pieces in your first picture! I would've had a hard time choosing too!! I also love shopping trips when Andrew is gone!! :)