Mar 19, 2010

Busy Reamer

Dear Daddy,
I have been so busy growing lately. I'm sorry I haven't written you in so long. I am growing up so quickly. Mommy and I have been staying very busy. I am sitting up on my own and playing. I love to play. It is my favorite thing to do ever. I am much better in the car now and only get upset at night or when I am very tired. But I am starting to see that it isn't so scary to be in the car. I even have eaten regular food now!!
Mommy gave me some banana and I think it is so yummy. Champ and I are best buds too! He loves to give me kisses even though mommy tells him not to. I like to go on walks in my stroller and sometimes I sit in the big boy part of the stroller. Mommy can't commit to putting me in there all the time and that is ok with me. I am sleeping in my own crib at night and usually only wake up once or twice for a little snack. I love taking my naps and will go straight into my crib and sleep if I am tired.
Mommy is shocked at the progress I have made in just a few weeks!! We have been enjoying the nicer weather and can't wait for the warmer weather to stay so we can play all the time. I miss you very much and I hope you are doing great. I love Skyping with you and hearing your voice. I hope that we can see you on Skype again soon.

Reamer V

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