Feb 19, 2013


Strength. Everybody has it. Sometimes you never even knew that you had it in you. When you look at other people's lives you sometimes think about how "strong" they are. I've been getting that a lot lately. People "don't know how I do it...". People can't believe the "strength" that I have. First of all I'm not the strong one. That would be my husband. He is the strong and brave one. I have never seen a stronger man in my entire life. But the most amazing thing about him isn't his strength, it's his kindness. He never has a negative word to say about anyone. If you ever wonder if he's saying something about you that's not nice, don't worry, he's not. I'm serious, almost never. It's amazing. Does he loose his temper? Never. I mean never. He is amazing.

"Holding down the fort" at home is hard but c'mon. My husband is at war. Literal war. Who was consoling who when we said goodbye? It was him consoling me and taking care of me. It's always him. If you know Reamer you know that he is super strong physically but his mental strength and emotional strength are incomparable. Saying "see ya in 9 months" to me and the kids had to be so tough on him. I know his heart was breaking. But guess what? He was telling me it was going to be ok. He is so brave. I'm so lucky. I couldn't have ever in my life found a better person to fall in love with. My kids are the luckiest. He is the BEST DAD EVER.

My son Reamer wants to be "just like his daddy". He flexes his muscles at the dinner table every night. He sees his daddy's physical strength and wants to be just like him. But if he only knew how "strong" his daddy actually is he would be in awe.

I know that this is completely mushy and wayyyyy too much info, but I wanted to put it out there. I want you all to know how proud of my husband I am. How much I love him and how much my heart aches for him to be with me. I know I can make it through this deployment not because of my own strength but because of his.

At church this past weekend the message was about having the strength and courage to see God's vision for your life. Not only seeing the vision but mustering up the strength to fulfill God's plan for your life. It was about seeing what needs to be done and doing it. Before church I wrote my goals down and it's like God grabbed me and said. "Here... This is how you are going to get through this! Now, look to Me for the courage and strength to do it." So, here I am thinking of my husbands strength and my God's strength and I know I can get through it.

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Michelle said...

I'm so happy you're writing in your blog again! Thinking about you and your family through all of this. xoxo