Sep 5, 2008

Wine Tasting in Recchia

For my Birthday, Reamer and I went to a Vineyard and had a wine tasting. We took classes through the army about culture, language, etc... and the teacher of that class told us about Italian Vineyards. Italians usually go directly to the vineyards and bring their own bottles and purchase their wine in bulk. They will even bring huge barrels and fill several of them up. It is a lot cheaper to do it this way. Several people in my class were very interested in this (including Reamer and me) and she organized a "field trip" for us to go see it for ourselves. Luckily it just happened to be on my birthday.

When we got there we saw the beautiful vineyards everywhere. We have heard that we went to the best one, but there were plenty others in the same area. Our teacher went with us and translated what they said about the wine. The son of the owner taught us about each of the wine's that we drank. He taught us about the process that they go through to make each wine that we tasted.

Starting out with the first glass I was impressed. As the tasting went on, I couldn't believe what I was tasting! The final wine was a dessert red wine that is served cold. It is called Ricioto. It is now my favorite wine ever! It is THE MOST DELICIOUS THING IN THE WORLD!!! Reamer and I purchased several bottles of the differnt types of wine and of course a few of my favorite! We didn't bring our own jugs this time, but next time that we go we will be sure to fill up some barrels!

The website is in Italian, but check it out anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Great write up! I was at the vineyard about 2 years ago and since I was missing Italy I decided to open a bottle of Ricioto from Recchia. Never thought the wine would make it all the way to PA!