Jul 17, 2008

Vicenza, Here we come!!!

We finally have a departure date!! We will be flying out of Atlanta on August 7th!! Reamer and I have been very busy trying to "outprocess" from Fort Benning. We are very excited to finally get over there. Now we just need to tie up loose ends, visit family and friends and get ourselves ready to go.

When we first get there we will be staying in temporary housing so we will have time to look for a house and make sure we move into something perfect for us. Reamer will have a lot of time off before he starts his job, so we will have time to figure everything out. We are hoping that we will also have time to do some traveling before he starts his new job.
I'm so excited that it is finally time to start our new adventure in Italy. Our first year of marriage has been an amazing one and we are really looking forward to our second year being even better.


Chelle Marie said...

Two words — "I'm jealous." Wow, I hope you and Reamer have safe travels and a wonderful time. What an adventure!

Liz said...

YAY! We're still waiting on orders, and of course it's not to glamorous Italy!! But that's awesome...hope you guys have a safe quick move and find the perfect house!! Is Champ going with y'all?

Anonymous said...

David's orders where finally corrected and he's is back in 10th Mtn so we're beginning to out process and will likely be PCSing around the same time! If Champ changes his mind about quarantine, he's welcome in Louisiana ;)