Jul 29, 2008

My work ethic is Killing me!

Ok, so I have an amazingly ridiculous work ethic. When I see a job that needs to be done, I want to just get in there and take care of it. I have a hard time seeing something that needs to be done and not doing it. That being said, let me explain what this has to do with anything.

The movers are here this week. They are in and out doing different things each day (packing/moving storage items, packing immediate items and packing and moving the household). When they are here we don't do anything. We just sit on the couch and watch them do everything. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! It is great just watching everyone else work. But at the same time I'm struggling with just sitting back while everyone is dilligently working. As I watch them doing their job, I see things that I would do differently. I see jobs that I could be doing (like cleaning certain areas after they finish), but I don't want to get in everyone's way. I notice that if I were packing those items, I would put different things together in a box etc. Why can't I just sit back and relax and let others do things for me?


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you might be a bit of a perfectionist and a control freak but as president of the club, I totally understand! These impulses and instincts are what have made you so successful and helped you get what you want in life. The time will come for you to relax, unwind, and let go. Until then, the 3-ring circus that you're in right now is your life so do it your way! Love you and will miss you TONS! Army Wives Together! Long live the Sugar Mill 12s. ED

Crazy Mama said...

Ah to have the help. I do know what you mean about not feeling right getting up and doing it with them or cleaning up after them.
I'm sure you don't remember me and the fact that I stumbled across your blog blew my mind. I was friends with Amy in High School and only went to EC for a year. Anywho good luck with moving and enjoy Italy!

Liz said...

We're right there with you...Movers finally come Friday, but the chaos that comes during a move is...not fun. We still don't have orders- so it looks like our stuff is headed to LA, but not us ;) I too, wonder why they pack the way they do...it's so fun to guess what's in the paper when you unpack..it's always something unexpected!!