Aug 9, 2008

We're Here! (living in Italy)

Vicenza is absolutely beautiful!!! My camera isn't working right now so as soon as I figure out what's wrong, I will post pictures!! I can't believe how beautiful Vicenza is. It is amazing! I've never seen something so beautiful. The mountains surround the town and it is so pretty. We are so excited to finally be here. The wine and food is amazing too!!! Yummy! I will probably have more time to post my blog next week when Reamer starts work. I will try to keep everyone updated as time goes on! We are soooo happy to be here and as soon as we have a house/apartment??? we can't wait to have visitors to share our amazing town!!!! I will write more later!!!!!! We love you all!!!!!!!!


Ebings said...

Yay! I've been checking to see if you would write. I'm SO glad you are loving it! You figure it all out and then I'll come crash at your place. :) The movers are at our place now. D. doesn't understand why moving is so stressful or why I spent all day yesterday organizing and cleaning. The movers keep asking me about what to do with his shit that's strewn about and I just throw up my arms.

Madame Monogram said...

I can't believe you are actually in one of my favorite places! Is the Hotel Vichenzia still there? Brian and I can't wait to come visit.