Aug 28, 2008

Our Anniversary (Treviso and Venice)

We had a wonderful Anniversary weekend. We traveled to Treviso and back to the Romantic Venice. Treviso was pretty much a ghost town because all Italians pretty much take the month of August off for beach vacations, so any nontouristy places are all closed down. But it was still neat to see the rich town behind the walls. It is reminicent of Venice with canals running throughout the town, but on a much smaller scale. United Colors of Benneton is headquartered here, so you can imagine how fashionable everyone in Treviso is. Very Trendy and rich looking!

Venice was beautiful as always. We went to the top of the bell tower in San Marco's square and saw such a beautiful sight. We spent romantic strolls throughout the city, relaxed at the little cafe's drinking wine, fanta and coke looking out at the canals. We shopped in the stores and explored some churches. We wanted to ride a gondola, but it cost almost $200 for 30 minutes, so we decided to wait until we could split it with others. We didn't have to ride a gondola to have a romantic evening. We had a romantic dinner and some gelato to end the evening and returned safely to Vicenza. I'm just going to post some pictures to look at. This trip was more relaxed so my blog will be as well. Hope you enjoy the photos!


Liz said...

So beautiful ALL OF IT!
You guys are definitely enjoying yourselves in Italy :)

hotel Treviso said...

You chose a great place for a romantic vacation. Congrats! You look great together!