Aug 21, 2008

Vicenza's Teatro Olimpico

The Teatro Olimpico ("Olympic Theatre") was designed by the famous (especially in Vicenza) Andrea Palladio. This theatre is the first known example of covered theatre. (before that they were all outdoor theaters). After it was built, people came from all over the world to see the beautiful theater.

The theatre was commissioned in 1585 by the Accademia Olimpica ("Olympic Academy") of Vicenza for the eastern part of the city. The theater is the sole Renaissance structures to have survived until contemporary times, and the Teatro Olimpico is the oldest surviving Renaissance theater.

The theater is magnificently constructed to look like the street scenes of Vicenza with buildings/statues adorning every corner of the theater. The theater has been moved to Venice twice during times of war so that it would not be destroyed. Miraculously the structure has remained in perfect condition after over 500 years. The structure was made of plaster and wood and somehow is still the same as it originally was seating included.

The theater is open to the public to tour, and there are only 60 days throughout the year that productions are still held. We are hoping to see a production next May or June and have the full experience of the famous theater.

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Michelle Weyenberg said...

I bet you guys are loving Italy! Thanks for keeping me updated on your adventures! :-)