Aug 17, 2008

Verona Italy

Verona is one beautiful city. It is clear that Romeo and Juliet fell in love in this beautiful place. It is about a 45 min train ride away from our little town of Vicenza, so we will definately be going back.

The city has many ancient Roman ruins (claimed to be only second to those in Rome). Also remains of medieval rulers are evident throughout the city. The 1st Centuary AD arena is the 3rd largest in the world and hosts fairs, bullfights, and opera productions. I'm hoping to go to an opera production one day!

Verona is a bustleing city the has numerous high end shops, endless cafe's/restraunts, gelateria's (ice cream) shops, coffe bars, beautiful catherdrals (with singing church bells), museums and so many other attractions. As we walked through the Plaze Erbe (a market that sells fresh fruits and vegetables) our noses smelled the sweet smell of fresh fruits and veggies. Everything was laid out beautifully and vendors sold thier goods enticing us with the smell.

Beside the beautiful Santa Maria Antica Church lies a strange reminence of a family of rulers that once presided over Verona in the 1300's. The Scaligeri family left impressive tombs that hang both above the streets and also below the streets (you can see them through glass) for all to see.

Teatro Romano and Museo Archeologico----The Roman theater was built in the 1st Century BC and still holds plays and opera's today. The semicircular seating remains intact for all to see. You can take the stairs to see all of the Roman artifacts and remains as well as an amzing view of Verona from a top the mountain. At the top there is a monastery that they have turned into an archaeological museum. The exhibits are in the monk's cells and showcase Roman artifacts, glass, pottery, and statues.

I was excited to see the Casa di Giulietta (Juliet's house) from Romeo and Juliet! The original story was actually written in Vicenza by Luigi da Porto but the scenes are laid in fair Verona! Even though it is a fictional story, it is obvious that it has made an impression on the world. The ally in front of this fictional house was packed with onlookers. There were tourists from every single part of the world trying to get a picture of the famous balcony. In the house there is a seperate part where tourists are unable to go. This is reserved for the Club di Giulietta. Juliet's secretaries reply to thousands of letters pouring in from everywhere. They offer advice and support or they just listen to all those who feel the need to talk about love. They will write back to everyone who writes Juliet. They will translate any language and of course sign each letter from the love goddess herself (Juliet). If you are having love problems, questions, or just want to tell someone about your great love you should write her a letter!

We enjoyed our trip to Verona and can't wait to return to the city of love to have a little more wine and amazing food. Even though we enjoyed ourselves, we were exhausted on the train ride home. My sleepy Romeo was exhausted from our adventure and couldn't keep his eyes open on the ride home.

Stay Tuned for our Next Adventure....



Thanks for writing, I enjoy reading about your adventures!

Stephen Graziano said...

Hey Meghan and Reamer:
Italy looks fun. I am now in Columbus High School and working my butt off! Aunt Cindy said the water was expensive and the wine is cheap - what is the legal drinking age over there? Is it hard to communicate with people there or has your Spanish paid off? I am taking Spanish 3 next semester and hope it will pay off.
Love,Your favorite cuz Stephen