Aug 23, 2008

Our First Year

Wow! What an exciting first year of marriage. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. It seems like it was just yesterday that our friends and family were all together for our perfect wedding day.

This year has been filled with some very important times for us. Reamer's graduation from OCS, our beautiful wedding day, amazing honeymoon in Maui, Airborne Graduation, IBOLC graduation, and of course THE DREADED RANGER SCHOOL--and wonderful graduation. I stayed very busy with work as a commercial banker and doing my best to prepare for our big move. Also staying busy with chores and friends while Reamer was doing all of his training.

During our first year of marriage, we have also had a ton of fun. We really enjoyed getting to know the other LT's and their wives. Also, getting together with our college friends was a blast as well. We had a great time attending some of our friends weddings and had so much fun. Rock Band Parties were on the top of our list for having some fun and mixing new friends with old. (This mixture of friends even created a wedding and baby and a new happy relationship!) We visited family, spent time with parents, grandparents, and sisters and enjoyed having them to visit us.

As I look back to the "happiest day of my life" I realize why I was so happy. Of course the dress was amazing. The flowers were so beautiful. The cake was beautiful and delicious. The church was perfect. The bridesmaid dresses and tux's looked great. Everything went as planned to make the day so nice. But the real reason for my happiness was 2 fold. The first reason was; our family and friends. It was so great to have everyone that we cared about there with a smile on their face enjoying our day. We felt so blessed and lucky to have all of these amazing people in our lives and we realized it as we looked around us on that day.

The main reason for my happiness was that I knew that I would be with the most amazing man for the rest of my life. I'm not just being lovey dovey when I say this. I'm serious. I am married to the kindest, most thoughtful, handsome, strong, most fun, sweetest, smartest man in the world. I know that he loves me and will do everything that he can to take care of me and make me happy.

As a little girl you fanticize about your wedding day and picture yourself as a princess getting married to prince charming. Well, I lived and am still living my fantasy. I did marry prince charming. He treats me like a princess every day. I love him so much and feel like the luckiest person in the world to have him as my husband. I am excited to spend our lives together and have many adventures with my Prince Charming.

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