Aug 12, 2008

Sunday Trip to Venice

After doing some exploring in our new town of Vicenza on Saturday, we decided to take a short trip to Venice on Sunday. It only took about 45 min to an hour to get there by train. It wasn't too expensive and was really easy to do.

Venice is beautiful. It is really neat to be able to see it in person. It seemed like it was very touristy in several parts that we visited. If you stayed away from those main attractions and the bigger canals and stayed on the smaller paths/canals it was actually quite romantic. Venice is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. We only saw a little bit of Venice, so it is a trip that we will have to make again, but that won't be a problem for us! There are beautiful catherdrals, shops, hotels, museums all throughout the city. There are several different districts in the city of Venice and I think that we only toured 1 or 2 of them. I'm sure that each will carry a different feel and we will have to see all of them. The gondolas are really neat and I can't wait until we get to ride on one. We will have to do that next time. They also have tons of regular motor boats as well. The people use the canals as if they were streets and there is many types of transportation on the water and there are huge canals/waterways and also small back-road canals as well. The thing that suprised me the most was the size of Venice. I didn't realize how big it actually was and now I see that it is going to take me several visits to get the feel for the entire city.


Liz said...

So beautiful! How awesome is it that you live less than 2 hours from VENICE?! Wow!

ginalauree said...

Hello there. My husband is in the military and we will be moving to Vizenza this winter. I am hoping you will be able to give me some housing info and advice. Also, I am wondering how pet friendly the people are, because I have a small dog, whom I love dearly. Can't wait to hear back from ya.