Nov 9, 2008

Back to Normal

Reamer and I love hosting parties and get-togethers. Especially during football season. We have always enjoyed having guests over to our home. We finally were at a point where we could have some friends over to our house without being embarassed about the mess. We thought that it would be perfect timing to have a few friends over to watch the Alabama game. Especially since two of them were LSU fans and one went to Alabama grad school! Of course we had another Ohio State couple, but they were pulling for Bama to win anyways!

Even though it wasn't a big deal, it just made me feel like things are getting back to normal. Now that the house is finally starting to come together and we can watch American TV shows and football games I am feeling a little more like myself. Traveling Europe and having great adventures is amazing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but there is something so comforting about eating hotwings and cheese dip and watching some football with friends! Oh, and Roll Tide!!! (what a game it was!)

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