Nov 2, 2008

Marostica Italy

This weekend, we went with some friends to an antique market in a nearby town called Marostica. The medieval town of Marostica near Vicenza is located in the beautiful foothills. The charming town is surrounded by the ancient walls of its two alluring castles. The biggest castle sits ontop of the hill looking over the town.

The walls stretch all the way around the city and follow to the top of the castle. After spending several hours doing some treasure hunting at the antique market, we decided to explore the castle's walls and made a hike to the top. The view was exquisite and showcased the charming town.

The castle has a magnificent restraunt that looks over the scenic view. We had an afternoon espresso/cappuccino and enjoyed the feel of sitting a top the hill looking over the town like we were the royal's of the land. We enjoyed the trip and will definately return to try out the alluringly beautiful restraunt that sits in the castle walls for a special dinner.
The town of Marostica is best known for its square which is a giant chessboard. The antique market was held in the middle of the checkered square, so I wasn't able to get a picture of it. Each September of every even numbered year, a human chess game is played in full medieval costume on the square of Marostica. The festival was canceled this year due to rain, and we were unable to attend. We would love to go the year after next to witness this interesting tradition.

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Madame Monogram said...

I wish I were there with you! Marostica looks lovely. Have you had a chance to make it to Montepulciano? If not you have to go. It's mid way between Florence and Rome. If it's the same as when I lived there you will get off at the Chusi station then take a bus.