Nov 13, 2008

Italians are horrible drivers!

Yes. It's true. I got hit by a car too. Let's set the scene. It has been really rainy and foggy here for the last week or so. Very dreary! I had to go to post to buy some things from the commisary. So, I got on my bike (rain and all) and rode through town toward post. I was only about a block away when the incident occured. The road that the base is on is pretty busy and I never ride on the actual road because it makes me nervous. I always ride on the sidewalk, because I think it is safer. (ha ha ha)

This street has several houses that are behind big stone/brick fences with automatic fence doors. A girl quickly opened her fence door and sped out toward the street, on the sidewalk (where I was riding) without even looking. I saw her for about 1 second and tried to stop, but the ground was really slippery and I had no time to actually stop. She crushed right into me. I toppled over on top of the front of her car. Luckily she wasn't going very fast.

She felt really bad (thankfully she spoke English) and helped me fix my bike and gave me her information so that she could pay for any damages to my bike that I might find. My bike is fine and just needed to be realigned and the chains needed to be put back on.

I feel fine other than bruises on my leg and some soreness. After my accident, I can't imagine Reamer's. Mine was nothing like his. I'm really glad that he was Ok after it.

This country is crazy. The drivers are insane.

Someone told me that we needed to find a safer way of transportation, but I don't think that is possible here. Apparently, this country has the most lethal accidents in the world. Cars treat other cars much worse than they treat the bikers.....

And I'm not going to even get started on motorcycles and mopeds.

Don't worry mom, I'm fine. Just a little sore with some small bruises.

I promise we will be careful, but just in case, say a little prayer for our daily transport. :)


Uma and Wil said...

Oh, Meghan! I'm so glad you are alright. I heard the Italians were terrible on the road but two accidents in a month!?! Now it's Reamer's turn to make you chicken noodle soup and baby you. Milk it! I can usually get out of ONE diaper change if I have a paper cut.

Kaysha Patel said...

OMG Meghan!!!! I can't believe it!!! At least you didn't have any broken bones or anything serious! Y'all PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!! Take care of each other :)
By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog!! You have to tell me how to get that tracker thingy!!

Michelle Weyenberg said...

Full body padding Meghan! Crazy Italians!