Nov 21, 2008

Traveling with friends

I have been kind of MIA for a few days. I have my first group of guests visiting from the United States! My friend Carol, her mom and her mom's husband have been here for about a week now. We have been going non-stop! We have been to Venice, Rome, Florence and of course Vicenza. Today we will take a day trip to Verona! They will be here for about another week and we will be traveling quite a bit. I left my camera in Rome but I am having it sent to me by our tour guide, so there won't be any pictures for a while. (Luckily the tour guide found it!!!)

I will write more after we return from our many adventures in a couple of weeks! I sure will have a lot to write about!

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Michelle Weyenberg said...

Sounds like you are having such a great time!