Jan 29, 2009

Lifted Spirits!!

Thank Goodness for good friends!!! I was feeling pretty bored and a little depressed after breaking my foot mostly due to my immobility, but luckily my spirits have finally been lifted! Yesterday two good friends (Janet and Anne) came over to make me feel better. They brought board games, books and magazines to keep me busy. Anne brought her waffle maker and we ate some yummy comfort food. We played board games and chatted. I feel so much better! It makes me feel good to know that I am cared about! Thank you sooooo much girls, you are amazing!

Luckily, I have been walking on my foot brace too!! Even though I can't ride my bike, I am a lot more mobile!! Now I am able to do a lot more. I have to ride the bus instead of riding my bike to get to post (cheerleading practice, FRG meetings etc...) but it's not so bad!!

I'm feeling so much better now that my spirits have been lifted!!!

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