Jan 9, 2009

Our Team is Dynamite!!!

I need some help!!!!
I'm now a volunteer Cheerleading coach for girls age 7-9. They are so cute! Most of these girls have never cheered before and they are so excited about it. It has been about 9 years since I have cheered (man I'm getting old....) so I'm trying to piece together all of these random cheers that are going on in my head!! So I have reverted back to my middle school days. I have been walking around the house doing odd movemements, mumbling, nodding my head and looking pretty silly! Just like I used to do when I started cheering in middle school. I can even remember doing weird cheer movements while walking around in the grocery store and driving my mom nuts!!! I want to teach some cutsy cheers to these girls, but I'm having a hard time remembering them! If anyone can remember any just let me know! Just Post any cheer you can remember on my blog!! Thanks for helping!!!


Katie said...

Let's get a little bit rowdy


Anonymous said...

Get fired up, Let's hear it!
Electrify your spirit!
Get movin, and groovin...
Get... Fired.... Up....
Get fired up!

hahaha... i think that was a Gable original that Rosanne taught us... you should know that one!

Jennifer said...

We're Awesome, Awesome

Ha ha ha!! It's totally awesome dude!!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the cheers- only the wierd gyrations!HA-ha.

Nicole said...

Let's go Indians
G-O let's go!

To tha G, To tha O
Yell Go, Go!

Yell out your colors
Purple and Gold!

Of course you remember Pump it Up!

Christa said...

Big G, little O, Go-Go

Jump, Jump!
Get it, Get it!
Panthers! Let's Win

hey, hey
go, fight, win
hey, hey to the end
hey, hey
go, fight, win
until the very end!

Kaysha Patel said...

That is so fun Meghan!!! Maybe you can teach them some BAMA cheers!!

Erin D. said...

I was never a cheerleader but I do remember "Alligator, alligator, eat 'em up, eat 'em up!" You put your arms straight out and you clap them together like an alligator biting. A perfect cheer for Louisiana... though I've yet to see one since I've been here!

Chad, Christina and Cameron said...

Ok, so I CANNOT believe I remember this from cheerleading tryouts, and its a bit long, but whatever. I am just impressed with my memory right now!

Mavericks, let's go!
Its time to win!

The best to come in '96,
we'll do it (clap, clap) again!

Watch out all you other teams,
we're the team to beat!

Stand aside we'll pass you by,
the mavs will defeat.

Come on crowd,
shout it loud:

Yell blue and green!
Go blue and green!


-Thats great that you can do the cheerleading coaching. How fun!