Jan 6, 2009

Sking in Switzerland

** I accidently lost my camera on the ski slopes (fell out of my pocket) so all pictures are taken off of google images and yahoo images.....)

Reamer, Champ and I went sking in Switzerland for New Years! What a georgous country! I don't think that I have even seen a more beautiful country. The natural beauty of the Alps is amazing. The beautiful lakes, rivers and streams run through the magnificent snow capped mountains and are accentuated by the cute little lodges, chalets and homes that decorate the hills.
When we first arrived to our cute little Bed and Breakfast, the sweet lady told us that our reservation was not at her B&B, but at another one with the same name over an hour away. We had already driven over 5 hours and were not happy to hear this. We were a little upset that we would be staying far from the ski slopes, but luckily she welcomed us into her B&B and let us pay the cheaper rate that we had found at the other place! She even gave us a huge beautiful apartment that had a yard filled with snow for Champ to play in!

We were sking in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland. To get to the ski slopes you must take a train. The only way to arrive there is by train. The train ride was always one of the most beautiful parts of the day.
On my first day of sking I thought that I could instantly return to the level that I was at the last time that I skied. Unfortunetly, that was not the case. On the first day the easy slopes were closed due to a wind storm, so I had to start on the medium/difficult slopes! It was not as easy as I remembered. But by the end of the week I was doing much better! And thanks to my amazingly patient husand I eventually felt pretty comfortable on the slopes!

The swiss people were very friendly and the food was great! Reamer was happy to get some real snitzel, and bratwurst! I really enjoyed the delicious Swiss cheese. Because this area brings in people from all over the world, there were also a ton of other types of cuisines that we were excited to be able to eat! We had some delicious Tai food and even some Hooters hot wings!! Yummy! (we won't get that again for a long time!)

Champ might have had the most fun of all! He absolutly loves the snow! He loves running after snowballs and catching them in his mouth. He was so cute jumping and rolling into the snow! We all had such a great time together and the beautiful landscapes and great sking made our trip amazing!


Anonymous said...

It was almost like being there with you- your descriptive phrases are music to my senses. Ilove you. Mom

Miranda said...

Hi Meghan. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have come across your site. I was researching a little about Vicenza last night due to the fact that my husband recieved orders that it will be his first duty station. He is getting ready to complete Jump School at Fort Benning and then we are off! We were just married over the summer and welcomed our baby girl in December so lots is happening in a short amount of time! Your entries have comforted and excited me to take this next step in our life! I will continue to check in and see what's next in your adventures! Thank you again for sharing your story!