Jan 21, 2009

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!!

It has been raining nonstop! Apparently the amazing beauty that emerges in the spring and summer here is a result of the nonstop rain that happens in the winter! Sometimes it's not so bad except for those of us whose transportation is a bicycle! I have completely mastered riding holding an umbrella!

Unfortunately the rain has limited Champs exercise and he hasn't been able to go out and play as much as he needs to! So this morning as I looked outside to the dreary cloudy day, I realized that there were no rain drops falling from the overcast sky!!! I decided to take him to the park to get some of his pent up energy out!!

Well, you can imagine after weeks of rain and snow with almost no sunshine inbetween that the park was basically a huge muddy playpin for my pup to go crazy in!!! I let him off his leash and of course he ran and jumped in almost every single mud puddle in the entire park!! On our walk back home we got plenty of stares!! My usually white dog is now brown!!! I wish that I had a camera to post a picture, but I will post an old one so you can get an idea of my dirty little Champ!

*** Ok, so this might be a little much. He wasn't this dirty.... (at least not this time....) This is an old pic of him after playing in our old back yard in Tuscaloosa. I didn't let him get this dirty, but it gives a good illustration of just how mischevious and how much he loves playing in mud!! (this also includes his feeling about snow!!)


Uma and Wil said...

Ha! Gotta love muddy puppies. I swear my boys pray for rain and snow, so they can make a giant mess of themselves. Champ's still as cute as ever under all that mud.

Erin D. said...

Ahh! Champ looks so cute. I miss him! Of course I miss you guys too.