May 8, 2008

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder...."?

I have come to realize what a blessing it is to be married to my husband. I know that we are still "newlyweds" as many people enjoy pointing out when I talk about my wedded bliss (and there is a certain amount of expectancy of happiness during this time), but I believe that mine is much deeper than that. We have spent our entire young adult/adult lives together so I believe that we have bypassed the typical newlywed phase. I think that at times, I have taken him and our relationship for granted.

Being an army wife has already taught me so much about myself and my realtionship with my husband. I truly enjoy him. We have so much fun together and he makes me smile everytime I'm around him. Sometimes when I look at him I think that he is so handsome and strong. I look up to him and wish that I could be as good of a person as he is. Ok, after all of this lovey dovey stuff, here comes the lesson. I have realized during my short time as an army wife that I appreciate the army. The forced time away from him shows me that life is so much better with him. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea though. I'm not sitting around depressed that he is gone. I'm just appreciative that God shows me how lucky I am. I think that if we were never apart things would be different and I wouldn't realize how lucky I am.

I know that people say "absence makes the heart grow fonder...", but I don't believe that. I think that absence makes you realize how "fond" your heart truly is.

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Anonymous said...

Y'all are a glimpse at a true fairy tail love in real life. =) So sweet! ~a