May 10, 2008

I'm bettin' on Intrade!!!

Have you ever heard of Intrade? It is a new way to invest. I just saw their website on the news and I am completely amazed. I didn't even know that this existed!

Intrade is a way for people to invest on other people’s opinions! Of course Intrade uses the word "invest" but I think that it is more like betting. You are able to invest/bet on Presidental Candidates to who is going to win American Idol. Many people are focusing on the Political race, but it is interesting that you can bet on current events. You can even bet on if you think Britney Spears is going to go back to REHAB!! Ha ha ha!

Intrade is similar to how you invest in Wall Street. The stock price will go up when the opinion or candidate's popularity goes up. When popularity increases so does the stock price and your investment/bet. You are able to buy and sell and potentially are able to make a big profit!

In the begenning of Presidental candidate McCain's run for President he was losing votes and almost out of the race. His campaign started to take a turn and so did his stock. Hillary Clinton's stock is currently decreasing and Obama's stock is steady. Currently according to Intrade, McCain is at 37% chance to win the Presidency and the price is $3.70 per share. As the race continues, it will be interesting to watch what the InTrade markets will do!!
Take a look at the site if you want to keep up with the Political race or any other event for that matter. Check it out at and hopefully you will make some money!!!


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