May 8, 2008

Jason Castro is Gone!!

TV is so addictive. I am trying to watch less TV with Reamer being gone. I'm doing pretty good so far, but I can't give up my FAV show ever..... AMERICAN IDOL!!! I'm so excited that Jason Castro got kicked off American Idol tonight! I can't believe that he actually lasted as long as he did. Now we are down to my favorite 3! So far I'm torn between the two Davids! I wonder who the winner will be??? I can't wait until next week. I can't help myself when it comes to this show. I can't miss an episode. Last season sucked, but this season I'm hooked again. If I had to miss a show, I seriously would have withdrawals. It is kind of like my Grandma and Memaw with their DR. PHIL. They love it. They talk about it all of the time. If you ever are at a loss for words with either of them, just ask them about Dr. Phil and they will talk your ear off. My Grandma even said that she wants to make up some drama about herself just so she can go on the show to meet him. They are hilarious. This pop culture stuff is such crap, but none of us can seem to stay away from it. Can't wait until my next healthy dose of crap next week!! I guess that I better check out Dr. Phil too. I may need to go visit with my Granny's next week.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Castro's gone! Make way for the David's! =)