May 6, 2009

Baby Gender Predictions!

Ok, so I have had some free time on my hands while Reamer has been in Germany for training.

The last time I went to the doctor, she checked the baby's heartbeat and told me that if you go by the wives-tale of beats per min, that our baby would be a girl. ("Obviously, you can never be sure of this", she told me, but she said she had a feeling it might be a girl).

So, this started a curiosity in my mind about what other predictions would give me about the gender of our baby. According to every one, we are having a girl.

The Chinese Calendar was the first one I did. You input the mother's age birthday and time zone. You also enter the date of conception ( tired several dates around when we think it was) and they all come up with GIRL.

I also did the ring on the string prediction. You put your wedding ring on a string and hold it above your belly. If the ring moves in a circular motion instead of a back and forth motion, it will be a girl. And Circle it did.

I also answered 20 questions to an old wives tale. It had questions about morning sickness, weight gain, hair growth, etc.. and the answer was that it would be a girl.

Now, who knows if this is true or not, but it was really fun. It's going to be interesting to find out if these wives-tales have any truth to them. Hopefully we will find out in about a month!


Madame Monogram said...

How exciting! The chinese calender says I am having a girl too. How fun to have two little girl cousins that get to grow up together!

Kaysha Patel said...

My guess is a girl too!!

Jennifer Williams said...

Watch out world!! Here comes Crystal Candy!!! : )

Jessica May said...

It's crazy how the baby cycles go! For about 18 months, all my friends having babies were having boys! Now, 2 of my good friends are having girls this year! So, maybe it's a girl year :) Either way, I'm sure you'll be happy!

kyesha smith said...

A little sweet. I hope you are feeling well!