May 5, 2009

Toby Keith Concert

Toby Keith came to our military post last week. It was part of his USO tour. Usually these artist stick to performing for the deployed soldiers, but somehow we made it onto his schedule. It was awesome! Unfortunately a lot of the guys were gone for training, but the families were able to really enjoy the show.
It is so amazing to know that music artists like Toby Keith are doing things like this out of the goodness of their hearts. He put on an amazing show and I'm so happy that I got to go see him! I only wish that Reamer would have been able to enjoy it too.

It was hilarious to me to see the Italians that were excited about it. They got more dressed up than all of the Americans (cowboy hats, cowboy boots, belt buckles, etc...) I had no idea that Italians would like country music.
During the concert, Toby Keith made a few statements about only doing this concert for the Americans. It was kinda funny. He is so patriotic and most of his songs even center around that theme.
My friend Kristen is pregnant too and is due any day so we took a pic of our bellies to show our babies first concert! I wonder if they could hear the show in there? Maybe feel the vibrations? I'm glad that little peanut was able to attend his/her first concert and that it was country!!! At least peanut will know where he/she came from!! ha ha he he ha!

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Kristin Morton said...

yea yea!!!!!! TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!