May 20, 2009

It's the little things......

It's the little things that you take for granted that I miss the most. Right now, we are without a car. Our transmission burnt out in the Jeep, so we are currently stuck with riding our bikes and taking the bus. Life is so much easier with a car. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want and buy whatever you want! Now, everything I do must be calculated. I can only fit so much into my bike basket and backpack at one time. So I have to plan exactly what I need before I go to the store and i must make sure that I am able to get it home. Anything that is too big to fit in my basket, just doesn't make the cut. Also, getting to "mandatory fun military functions" (ex: Coffee's, Hail and Farewell, Ball etc.....) is a real problem!!! On the bright side of things, we are probably saving money by not purchasing big items and only buying the essentials! Also, I honestly enjoy riding my bike around town, it's so beautiful. It's just trying to get the stuff that I buy home that gets on my nerves!Air-Conditioning is another thing that I am seriously missing!! It's starting to get pretty hot outside and after riding my bike around with 100 lbs (I'm exaggerating) in my bookbag, I am hot when I get home. In the States you walk into your home and immediately feel cool air when you open the door that hits you in the face. Here it seems that the inside is sometimes hotter than the outside. If I open all of my doors and windows and turn on the fans, it cools off, but it still isn't the same as central air-conditioning!!! We always said that when it got hot, we would buy a portable airconditioner, but now that it is hot, we have no car to take us shopping for this big item!!! What Bad Luck! Our laptop is broken, which means that we must use our old computer (it is so old that it has floppy disks portales). You can only imagine how slow it is. We are going to look for a new laptop when we are in the States in July, but until then, I'm stuck on the slowest machine ever!!!!!!!!! But at least we have this computer so that we can take our time and buy a good new computer.

I have gotten used to the fact that I can only have one appliance running at a time, (or else the fuse will blow). But I feel that it is worth mentioning in this blog because it sort of goes along with the theme. Also, the fact that to do one load of laundry takes about 5 hours! (and it's a pretty small load too!) But these are things that I have already adapted to.

If you go back a few blog entries, you will notice that I wrote a blog about being positive and having a good attitude but today, as you can see, that went out the window. I think that overall I have a good attitude, but right now I just needed to vent about our bad luck. Sorry if I'm bringing everyone down with my rant!! But I already feel better!


Anonymous said...

Floppy disks hahaha! I am laughing so hard! you're funny I didn't take this as you being negative!

Kristin Morton said...

Floppy disks...classic!!! Funny how that computer is still working!

Remember, we said it's ok to vent and complain sometimes. You're not being're frustrated and it's completely understandable!

Let me know when you need my car!!

Crazy Mama said...

It's times like these that make you appreciate everything else a little more.
Congrats on the little one!!
Can you hang dry your laundry so it will dry faster?