May 7, 2009

One Year Blogging Anniversary

I started writing this blog exactly one year ago today. Reamer was in Ranger School and I was looking for a way to express my feelings about all of the changes we were going through. We had the move to Italy ahead of us and it seemed like it would take forever and was a million years away. But as time does, it flew by.

As I spent my time counting down the days until the completion of Ranger School, I also started reading other people's blogs. Many of them were Military Spouse blogs. It was so interesting to me that they all wrote about their lives and experiences and I too wanted to become part of this counter-culture. I realized that we would be moving far away from our family and our friends and that blogging would be a great way to "stay in touch" with people.

While blogging, I have gone through my ups and downs and at times have taken several weeks off. And the style and content of the blog has changed several times (as does life). But overall I really enjoy writing. Now with the baby on it's way, I know that I will continue to blog. I don't think that I will be at a loss for material!

Thank you to my faithful readers for supporting me!!! It makes me feel great to know that I have people who care enough about me to read about my thoughts and feelings on life!!

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Kelsey said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for writing.