Jun 13, 2008

Exciting Day at Work!!

My office over looks the street in Downtown Columbus. All day, everyday, I see crazy people walking around the streets just kind of hanging out. Today brought an interesting turn of events outside of the normal craziness. I look out the window and see that a police officer is talking to a man on the street. The man is insanely flapping his arms in the air as though he is telling a very animated story. Suddenly another police car pulls over and joins the other to watch the show. Next, another policeman comes on a motorcycle and yet another cop joins them a few minutes later. So that gives us four policemen. My window is literally a few feet from the entire ordeal and I am captivated by the drama. Obviously, since I work in a bank, everyone in the bank starts to stare out the window and wonders what is going on. People begin to pour out of their offices to take a look at the scene.

The guy is stumbling around and acting pretty drunk. I even see the police officer's sort of laughing at him a few times. It is a little scary and hilarious all at the same time. Then a few minutes later a fire truck and an EMT vehicle pull up to join in all the fuss. The man seriously has about 10-12 people surrounding him as he flails his arms around and staggers back and forth. He slams himself into the brick wall column and is acting insanely. At this point the entire bank is looking out the window mezmorized by the drama ensuing out our window. A few minutes later the police officers, EMT's and Firemen get the Crazy Man to enter the EMT vehicle and eventually leave our street.

Although it sounds like it wasn't a big deal, it was a very entertaining part of my day. I was imagining and hoping that our dear drunk, crazy friend got tazered by the officers but alas it wasn't so. I've always wanted to see someone get tazered. I think it would be kind of funny. I know that it is kind of mean, but I guess that there is always next time..... (At least I hope so).

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