Jun 24, 2008

The Hometown Dates!

Wow! What an exciting evening. These eliminations are becoming more painful for everyone! This is just getting harder and harder every week. I can't wait until next week when the men tell all. I wonder what is going to happen!!

I'm proud of DeDe for letting Graham go. I was starting to get worried last week that she might be falling for the wrong guy. To me, it looked like she might have picked him, but at least she saw the light. I think that they definately had chemistry and a bond that was just starting to form, but I didn't think that Graham was ready for a "real" relationship with her. Graham never looked her in the eyes and never "opened up" to her. I think that he was interested in her, but not ready for the type of relationship that she is looking for. The fact that he is 29 years old and has never had a real realtionship or ever dated a girl for longer than four weeks says something. He proved to me that he definately was not ready when she didn't give him a rose. He started acting very immature and almost verbally abusing her. This illustrates how he would react in a normal argument and it didn't make him look that great. I think that DeDe felt something for him, but she is smart enough to realize that he isn't ready for a long term relationship. Good Job DeDe!

Jesse is still slowing growing on me (and I emphasize the word "slowly"). I think that their personalities work well together and that they really honestly enjoy eachother, but I still feel like they are missing the sparks. He seems like a really good guy and has good intentions, but the romance factor seems like it is still missing. We will have to check it out next week to see if there is a better connection.

Jason is a sweetheart. When he got to see his son Ty it was so adorable. You can't help but fall in love with this guy. I think that they would have a good relationship, but it is hard to tell. It seems that we get a lot of focused attention on Ty and the fact that Jason is a dad, but I don't see as much progression with DeDe and Jason's relationship. Maybe there is something else happening with them that the camera's don't show us. I'm happy that DeDe is keeping an open mind about him and the prospect of having a son, but I wonder if this will factor into her decision in the end. An ex-wife may be more than she is bargaining for.

Jeremy was my favorite from the start, but after last night I'm a little worried. I wonder if he is ready for a relationship. It seems that he is putting a lot of pressure on her to be the one to pick up the pieces after his parents death. I think that they share a bond that no one else can understand, but I wonder if Jeremy has handled the greiving process. I do not want them to base their relationship on the tradgedies that they have sufferered. I don't think that is a healthy basis for a relationship. I'm hoping that next week we will see that they have more in common than the their losses that they have suffered.

I am getting more and more excited to see what happens next week and I'm hoping that we will start to see a stand out guy. But for now, I think that she made the right decision. I will follow up next week!


Heather said...

I liked Graham. I think that she made a mistake by letting him go.

Lindsay said...

I agree with everything you said. I didn't like Jesse but now he is growing on me too.

Ellis said...

Jeremy and Jason are my picks! I do like Jesse, but he just doesn't fit like Jeremy or Jason does.