Jun 17, 2008

Final Four

Deanna is down to her final four on the race to win her heart (or rose). Wow, this is getting intense. I think that she has done a pretty good job thus far choosing the good ones. Originally, I wanted to see Jeremy recieve the final rose, but now I'm torn. I like each of these guys in their own way.

Jesse. Jesse's personality seems like it is the best for Deanna out of all four of them. He is outgoing, adventurous, and a great guy. I think that they are actually relating on a personal level and could have a very strong relationship. The only problem that I see with Jesse is that I haven't seen them have a "real" romantic moment. Maybe this has occured off camera, but I haven't seen the "sparks" yet. I'm afraid that Jesse is quickly moving into the "friend zone" and if he wants to win her heart he is going to need to step up his game!

Jason. Now this guy is serious marriage material. He is such a sweet, genuine person. I'm starting to root for this one. He seems to be able to get her to open up and talk about serious things and is able to relate to her on a deeper level. I think that he would be a great husband and would treat her very well. Deanna doesn't seem to mind that he has a son and is a single dad. Actually, I think that this helps her (and the viewers) see a softer side to him. He seems like a good person who could bring her a life of happiness. I just wonder if she will end up having an issue about dealing with a child and an exwife!! (This could be a potential problem).

Graham. Hmmmm??? I don't know what to say about this one. It is extremely obvious that they have a physical connection. Also, this guy seems like the type of guy Deanna would normally go for. But, I have to say, I'm not sure that this would be a lifelong relationship?? If you watch carefully, Graham never looks her in the eye. He seems like he is a little bit immature for her and for what she wants out of this experience. I think out of all the guys, this seems to be a real relationship with fights and a match of wits, but I don't think that if she gives him the final rose that the relationship will last. Although, we aren't able to see everything that is happening off camera, so maybe things are playing out differently in real life. It is evident that they have a connection, but a lifetime of marital bliss seems like a far stretch for this one.

Jeremy. This was my original sweetiepie. Even though all of the other guys were dissing him in the beginning I thought that he was a keeper. He is attractive, smart, sweet and seems to have a lot in common with our lovely Bachelorette. He is definatley "in to her" and I think would make a great husband. My concern is that he may be a little too low key for her. He seems to be a little laid back and Deanna needs some excitement in her life. He gave me a little hope on the last episode when he talked about riding his motorcycles. It made him look a little more adventerous. I'm still rooting for Jeremy, but I think that he has a lot of competition to win Deanna's heart.

As of now, I'm torn between Jason and Jeremy. I think that both of these guys would make Deanna very happy. Jesse isn't far behind, but needs to step up his romantic side to move out of the "friend zone". It seems that Deanna is falling for Graham, but I'm not sure that this is the best move. I guess we will have to find out what happens next week in the hometown dates to see who stands out then. I can't wait!!
**Side Note:
Thank God Twilley went home!!! He was really weird.

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Anonymous said...

um yeh i totally agree with EVERYTHING you just said... i've been rooting for jason and jeremy (in that order) from the get go... but now jesse is really growing on me too... i'm sooo excited to see who she picks!