Jun 13, 2008

Trails and Tribulations of Ranger School (for wives)

Seriously, this Ranger School thing really sucks. I haven't heard from Reamer since his 8 hour pass and that was several weeks ago. I'm supposed to find out tonight if he is moving on to the next phase (florida phase) or if he is getting recycled, but I have no idea when or if I will actually get that call. Needless to say, I'm keeping my phone at my fingertips all day today.

Well, I went to the mailbox today hoping to get a letter from my beloved Ranger, but of course no such luck. The letters are few and far between in this school, but a girl can hope can't she? Instead, I find a Department of Defense letter addressed to Reamer. Of course I open the letter to find that it is a survey from the Army's Medical Center. The letter states, "We would like you to complete a survey about your satisfaction with your visit with Captain Dustin S Martin at Troop Medical Clinic on 6/5/2008."

WHAT!?!? What the heck does that mean???? Apparently Reamer went to the hospital on 6/5/08?? At this point my heart feels so heavy. I know that it is nothing serious (hopefully I would get a call if it were), but I can't help but worry about it. I don't understand why the army would send out a letter to alert me to the fact that he has been to the hospital, but give me no way of finding out what happened to him. At this point I feel very frustrated with the situation at hand and am even more anxiously waiting by the phone to find out how my husband is doing.

Ranger school is not only hard on the guys that are earning the tab, but it is really hard on all of their spouses, family and friends. When Reamer finishes this class it will be an accomplishment for both of us. He will have accomplished something that most people could never even attempt to do, and I will have survived the worry and heartache that comes with the territory of being a Ranger School Wife! I guess I'm getting my induction into the Military Spouse world through Ranger School. I'm realizing that I'm going to have to be one tough lady.


Carrie Shick Gentner said...

Hang in there Meghan! You and Reamer have such a strong bond. I know you two will make it through this. I'll keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated on how he's doing!

2Lt. and Dr. Ridley said...

Hey Meghan, I found your blog after searching "Ranger School Wives." Congratulations on your husband. That is awesome!! Unfortunatelly, I found out on Monday Gabe got peered out during Florida phase. He was in the class behind Reamer. The next class dosn't graduate until September 5th. What a bummer, but all things towards God's good. I really hate that I couldn't live in Columbus and get to know you girls better. But oh well, I'll keep reading your blog to keep track of you guys. I am really excited that you are going to Italy. That will be beautiful.